Monday, August 17, 2015

week in the life - i think i can, i think i can, i think i can

So I'm doing Ali Edwards' Week in the Life project. If you don't know it - read this.

I was going to start yesterday but I forgot!! We went to church and it was glorious and then we went to my favorite restaurant, Jason's Deli, on West End Avenue, and it was glorious (and very picture worthy) and we danced to the 80's music that was playing and laughed and enjoyed our lunch and I get home and go "CRAP!!! Totally forgot I'm doing week in the life today!"

So I had two choices, start next Sunday or start today. I went with today as many other people are. I've been writing and documenting today in a blog post for tomorrow so check back daily this week for some pictures and words.

If you haven't listened to this week's Scrap Gals episode - you must! It is one of my favorite shows we've done and it's all about this project. We had an awesome guest, Megan Anderson, who inspired me so much, I wanted to RUN and scrapbook!

So today I'm taking pictures and it does require some thought and action. Several hours can sneak past and I realize I've been sitting in the same spot without a photo but that's real life, right?

If you're playing along, I hope you're doing great and getting some shots you normally might overlook. I know I am!

See you tomorrow with a post all about my first day of documenting!

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