Friday, August 21, 2015

week in the life: thursday

This one's gonna be short and sweet 'cause it's 2 am as I'm writing this!!

9:30 am - Caroline comes in the room to say "Good morning!" and read her Bible lesson to me and I open one eye and say, "I was up 'til 4 am working on my class, gotta go back to sleep!" She said, "Sorry! I didn't know that!!" and left me to sleep.

11:50 am - Woke up knowing it was super late but still feeling very tired. Forced myself to get up. I mentally calculated that I had 5 hours before time to leave for my class and I had tons of stuff to do!

12:00 pm - Made myself bacon and gravy left-over from yesterday. It was still delish!

12:30 - 4:30 pm - In my pajamas, hurrying to finish up cards prep, take pictures requested from Big Picture Classes and various other urgent tasks. I knew I was slipping in my picture taking but I was too busy to care!! Class prep is a boring process of cutting out things on my Silhouette Cameo and putting them into piles. Not something I really want a bunch of pictures of. If I had been dressed, I would have had Caroline take pics of me in the process but I was not dressed yet.

4:25 pm - Get all the kits packed and ready to go.

4:30 pm - Set everything by front door. Grab my camera and put it in my purse so I could make up for my lack of pictures!

4:45 pm - Jumped in the shower and ran out the door to meet my sister at Firehouse Subs. I had no makeup on yet but I asked my sister to take a pic of us for this project. Of course Caroline looks like a million bucks, as always! I love how our phones are sitting side by side on the table. That will be funny to look back on in 20 years when we have our micro-chip phones implanted in our heads. ha!

I ordered a turkey sub with provolone and it was so delish, I would eat it again tomorrow!

5:45 pm - I watched the clock the whole time I was there but didn't have to be across the street at Hobby Lobby until 6:15 pm so my sister and I chatted, as we always do.

I tried to take a pic of Caroline because the light was shining on her eyes just so but she would not cooperate. She's over all the picture-taking this week.

6:05 pm - Caroline goes with my sister and I go across the street (literally) to Hobby Lobby for my class. I get there and sit in the car for a moment, dreading carrying all my stuff in. (My Cuttlebug is very heavy.) I put my makeup on and take a silly selfie or five. Aren't these a hoot?

Then I take one I like better than most selfies I take so I post it on Instagram.

What a difference makeup makes! LOL! 

6:30 pm - Class went great. Here's my friend, Lynde, who always comes to my cards class. Love her! She buys two kits and makes two of each card while in the class.

I should have asked for a picture of myself but I felt too silly!!

8:00 pm - Class was over right as the store was closing which was good because I'm trying not to spend one dime! It's hard there! I walk past 100% happiness on the way in and out. There were loads of people walking out so I had to wait to take this pic and I felt so obvious. I normally don't care but for some reason tonight I did.

8:10 pm - Pulled into my driveway and I see two bikes up ahead, where we normally ride. The spotlights were on the house and it looked dark inside so I thought maybe Caroline and Mike were taking advantage of the cool evening air to ride. It was very dark outside so it puzzled me. I yelled, "Caroline??" No answer. I go inside and they were both in there! LOL!! Oh don't mind me, I'm just out in the yard, yelling to no one. haha! I love how blue the sky is in this picture. Ignore our landscaping. We had to pull out the left side recently and it's been too hot to work on it!

8:15 pm - I make cookies and overcook them but they're still pretty good.

8:30 pm - I sit down at my desk to make a layout for my assignment for Write.Click.Scrapbook. (I'm blogging there today.) Instead of getting right to it, I look at Facebook and read Ali's blog. I realize I've not taken a pic of Mike today so I run upstairs with my camera.

9:15 pm - Mike is sitting on the bed on his computer so I say, "Can I take your picture?" He says, "Well let me move off the messy bed. I'll sit on the couch." I said, "It's not supposed to be perfect, it's supposed to be real life!" He replies, "Well now my real life is sitting on the couch." LOL!!!! I say, "You're super cute in your glasses." and he replies, "I know, they make me look smart!" haha! The boy is never serious. 

9:20 pm - I see what Caroline's doing in her room and get a pic. She's listening to Spotify and then she tells me all about her craft project she made while I was gone...a sachet for her backpack! She's a very crafty girl. I want to always remember that. I love to call our house, "The House of Creativity."

10:00 pm - I finally get busy making my layout and surprisingly, it only takes me about an hour and a half. That's a record for me, I think! You can see it today at!

11:30 pm - I take pictures of my layout and talk to Jen Schow via FB messenger for an hour or two about her fabulous new class and write my blog post for WCS. Then I realize I need to do this blog post and I look at the clock and it's 2:00 am!!

Time flies when you're having fun! 

Tomorrow, I'm deep cleaning my upstairs and then going on a date with my handsome hubby so I'll try to take some pics in the daytime but they'll probably mostly be of our date. I'm not a good multi-tasker.

I will say that this project has given me a lot of pictures I normally wouldn't take. I literally haven't done laundry or cleaned in two or three days so I haven't gotten any of that but I will tomorrow. When I have a deadline, it takes over my life and that's all I do!

How's your WITL going? Thanks to everyone who's been reading these posts! I've had a lot of visitors this week - makes it worth taking the time. 

Peace out! See you tomorrow!


Unknown said...

I have created some collages in picasa of some photos from the week to have some smaller prints to use for my WITL & uploaded Sunday -Thursday to Shutterfly this morning! WHOOOT!!! I feel pretty on top of life this minute ;) thanks for sharing your days here!

Carol Chastain said...

Yes!such a good way to get out of the box photos...I can't believe it's Friday!

Unknown said...

I love seeing your days! Thanks for sharing! Question: your purse/bag is SO cute! Where did you get it? Thanks ;)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

It's been so fun reading about your days, Tracie!! You're doing a great job - what a super busy day you had yesterday!! The cards looked cute, can't wait to see what they all look like.

Anonymous said...

I think being able to see everyone else's posts and pictures helps keep us motivated to continue . . . You got some really good pictures of your family and I think the class prep picture, the picture of your friend during the class, and the picture of the front of HL do a great job illustrating your creative day. ~ Laura