Wednesday, August 19, 2015

week in the life: tuesday

8:00 am - Snooze button. Did not sleep well at all. Tossed and turned knowing I had to get up early.

8:15 am - Get up to take Caroline to her first day of her Science tutorial with Aaron Academy. Caroline is super happy with a big smile, excited to meet new friends and experience school in a new way. Leave the house and grab a great pic of Caroline in her Aaron Academy shirt. Feel good about being early for once.

8:45 am - Drop Caroline off and crank up a CD of my church choir. Stop and get gas and then head home to check e-mails and social media.

9:45 am - Shower and dress for the day. Consider taking some type of photo of myself in this process but the bathroom is a hot mess so I couldn't do it.

10:15 am - Leave to pick Caroline up - she gets in the car and tells me all about her new adventure. All smiles. I'm happy when she's happy.

10:35 am - Breakfast at McDonald's with a BOGO coupon. :)

11:15 am - Finally home to start work on my cards class. I have to make four cards x10 so I look through my stash of papers I have set aside for classes and find a 6x6 paper pad and a cute striped paper to use.

11:30 am - Caroline reads four chapters of her Bible to me and it takes a while! She reads about all the miracles Jesus did and how He kept telling people not to tell what He had done for them. She reads the verse about how He always spoke to the people in parables but then she read a verse I hadn't noticed before. Mark 4:34: And when they were alone, He explained all things to His disciples. I thought that was interesting that he spoke plainly to the disciples but in parables to the people.

12:00 pm - Caroline is doing school at her desk in her room this year so she goes back upstairs to do her work which for 10th grade this year is: World History, Literature (Shakespeare right now), Algebra 2, Health and Spanish 1 (plus Science tutorial assignments she works on daily). I hear the voice of her math curriculum on the computer upstairs and settle in to work while I have quiet. I light my favorite candle, turn my favorite station on Pandora (Rosemary Clooney) and start the creating process.

1:00 pm - White House Utility stops by to let me know that the water will be cut off again tomorrow. Third time. I am losing my patience with the people building 1,000 houses behind us! I don't have time to keep leaving my house and I can't stay here with no water.

1:15 pm - After a lot of stamping tests, I finally decide on card design #1. I write step-by-step what my students will do so I don't forget in the midst of being chatty during class. :)

(Card design still in progress. Googly eyes and a bow were added - will share later!)

2:30 pm - Take a break to check social media and go over Caroline's Spanish assignment and test with her. I give myself a 30 minute limit to be online and then it's back to the cards. I need to be done soon so I can run to the grocery store and then cook dinner.

2:39 pm - Caroline calls down the stairs, "I'm finished!!" We were worried the tutorial would make her school day run really late but she still finished before 3 pm so all is well! Plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the day! She comes down and tells me how much she's enjoying school and how she even loved doing her Algebra. I make a face (I hate math) and tell her I need a little more quiet to finish working. She says, "I admire your dedication." haha! Funny like her Daddy. I get back to finishing up card prep for the first of four cards.

3:00 pm - I put a load of laundry in and go back to card making.

4:45 pm - Decide I'm too busy to cook so I leave to meet my sister for dinner at Blue Coast for their Tuesday night special ($6 burrito). As we leave, I get out to take a pic of the house. I always love how my house looks through my favorite tree. :)

5:00 pm - Caroline cracks us up during dinner, as always. My sister and I always sit for a long while and talk and Caroline always says, "Can we go?" Finally, reluctantly...we go.

6:45 pm - Get home and Mike is mowing the grass. I stand in the yard and think about how cute he is and then run and get my camera. :)

7:45 pm - Go back out to my favorite grocery store: Publix. Marty Stuart was shopping there (a country music star) and he started to walk in the aisle and caught me taking this selfie. Not embarrassing at all.

9:05 pm - Home with the groceries and my friend, Melissa Shanhun, and I decide to do a Periscope to discuss our day of picture taking. We have fun and talk about 15 minutes.

9:15 pm -  I work more on my cards. Finish up number one and start in on designing number two. I'm enjoying listening to hymns on YouTube and then...

10:00 pm - Mike comes downstairs and tells me silly stories and messes with the frogs stuck to the windows. We have frogs on every window, every night! Crazy!

11:00 pm - midnight: Write this blog post and listen to my church's taped services on YouTube while I download the pictures. Caroline comes down to sit and chat with me and we discover there's a cricket (not the scrappy kind) in the dining room. Daddy won't get it so we pray the cricket doesn't make its way upstairs during the night!

As I looked over my pictures today, I saw a prevailing theme.....happiness. This project has already brought me joy in just the two days I've been documenting. I look forward to seeing Ali's blog post today to see what she captured! Her pictures inspire me greatly!!

Happy week in the life!


Sherry C said...

Fabulous documentation of your day - love it!

Unknown said...

A selfie with Marty Stuart would have been awesome! LOVE HIM!

Unknown said...

Your happiness makes me smile!!

Carol Chastain said...

You did so great at getting self timed shots!!!! Go you! I really am loving the periscope videos :)

Unknown said...

Not gonna lie - little bit jealous that you grocery shop where MARTY FREAKING STUART shops. I absolutely love his music. Question, is his hair as fabulous in person? ;)

your photos just exude happiness - love it. Thanks for sharing your Tuesday!

Unknown said...

OH, and I just read the other comments. I agree with Jen - you should have gotten a selfie with Marty!

TracieClaiborne said...

Haha!!! We have a "no bothering celebrities" policy in our family or I totally would have!!

TracieClaiborne said...

His hair was still fab!

Anonymous said...

Your posts always make me smile - so full of love and happiness!! Caroline and Mike are so lucky to have you :)