Thursday, August 20, 2015

week in the life: wednesday

Real life issues intervened today but I'm pressing ahead with this project! :)

9:05 am - Wake up, go to see if water is on. It is! (The water was to be turned off at 8:00 am unless it rained.) Say a thank you to Jesus in my head and get back in bed and try to doze but instead I plan cards in my head.

10:05 am - Mike walks past me. I say, "What's going on?" He says, "The water's off." Crap! I hurry to throw everything I need to stay at my Mom's all day in the car which includes all the supplies to prep for my cards class tomorrow, groceries, clothes, shower essentials, laptop, etc. A lot! Caroline is still getting dressed and I'm ready to GO.

10:45 am - Both of us are grumpy and mad. I have on my pajamas, no makeup and haven't even brushed my hair but I take a pic for Instagram which I'll probably delete from my feed later.

11:00 am - Get to my Mom's. Unload all the crap. She is making me breakfast so I set up my stuff in my sister's living room which is an apartment upstairs in my Mom's house. (My Mom built this house with an extra space so my sister could live there with her and keep her company. She pays rent! Not that it's anyone's business but I wouldn't want anyone to think otherwise. My sister is a very successful person - she works in Human Resources for a large hospital and interviews and hires people for very important jobs. She's one of the smartest people I know and I'm very proud of her.)

11:45 pm - I watch my Mom cooking and feel bad she's gone to so much trouble for me. We talk about how my Grandmama (her Mom) always made me fried potatoes when I stayed with her. She was a great cook and so is my Mom.

12:00 pm - We eat the meal my Mom made which is the best food ever in the history of life. :) My favorite part is the gravy which she never makes. She said she hadn't made it with real bacon grease since my Dad was alive (1992!) so I felt extra thankful she splurged at my request. (I had requested she make me gravy a few days ago so she bought the stuff.)

1:00 pm - Continue working...too much time wasted online. Can't focus. I finally design a third card but I'm still pondering the fourth. On the way to my Mom's this morning, I realized I left my Silhouette mat at home so all I can do is cut the paper I brought and start planning the other cards on my computer. Caroline stays downstairs with my Mom and does her schoolwork.

4:00 pm - Mike's been hanging at the library all day, working on his computer. He comes over to shower and get ready for his gig downtown. I grab a shot of him putting his shoes on and ask if I can have one good picture. He's less than thrilled about me taking his picture all week but he gives in and I get this one, which I love!

4:15 pm - My sister comes home early and brings us treats from Sweet 'n Sassy. I get a honey bun and it is delish! So filling it ends up being my dinner.

4:45 pm - I show my Mom the video from our church service this past Sunday. Our choir sang my favorite song ("He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need") and she loves it. We sit for too long listening to the choir sing different songs.

5:30 pm - I decide to pack up and go back to my house, I have not accomplished much for all that I carried over there. It feels like I just lugged everything upstairs and now I have to make three trips to get it all back in the car, in the RAIN.

(My Dad built the desk in the right corner, the shelf on the wall and the bench on the left. He was a master craftsman.)

5:45 pm - Caroline spent all day on schoolwork and is ready to go home. She and my sister go to run an errand and I make plans to pick Caroline up on my way home.

6:05 pm - After getting Caroline, I pull onto my street and the work crew is standing there with a big hole in the road! I stop and say to them, "Guys! Is my water on!!?" (in my pajamas still). They say, "We're turning it on now." I roll my eyes and drive to my house. Once inside, the water comes out black as ink and the lines have a lot of air. I try to focus and get right back to work.

6:15 pm - Caroline comes downstairs with her hair in a pony tail and I remark about how beautiful she is. I tell her every time I look into her eyes, I see the same eyes I've looked into since she was a tiny girl. Even though she wears mascara now, her eyes have never changed. Her face still looks like my little baby. I grab this picture to show her and it's such a cute moment, I take a pic of her and the picture. Love this!

6:30 pm - For the next two hours, I make cards that I hate and none of them turn out right. I'm trying to do a silhouette cut file of words with something showing through the back but none of them work so I decide to go a completely different direction. Where has the day gone? Thank God for my Pandora radio station with Bing, Frank, Rosemary and Ella or I would be in a worse mood than I am right now. I sing along and make cards. Life could be worse.

9:00 pm - My honeybun wore off so I fix myself a BLT with the leftover bacon my Mom sent home with me (didn't mean to eat so horribly today!) while I watch "Last Comic Standing."

10:00 pm - Back to card making and I finally decide on a design and make it. Can't share it here but will after the class.

11:00 pm - Mike comes in from his gig. After kissing Caroline goodnight, he has a smoothie with protein powder and talks to me while I finish up card #3 and tell him I'll be up half the night. I should have taken his picture but I was deep in card making zone.

12:00 pm - I remember this blog post so I sit down to write it! I realize I'm only in one picture today so I take this horribly grainy selfie which I may or may not end up putting in my album.

Unfortunately, a lot of days are like this one. I'm crazy busy, things go wrong, sometimes I don't get out of my pajamas. I'll probably be up 'til 3 am because I can't go to sleep until I know the cards for my class are made.

This is real life and I'm still blessed, just a little stressed. :) I like most of the pics I got today but I wish I could figure out the timer on my DSLR. I press buttons but nothing happens. I'll have to Google it tomorrow. Overall, I'd say I documented the day pretty good considering it mostly consisted of me sitting at a desk making cards I hate!!

Just a note: Making cards for a class is hard because everything has to be duplicated for all the students with stuff you can use in class, on a beginner to intermediate level. It used to come easy to me but right now my mind is on my online classes so I've gotten out of the card making rhythm. This will probably be the last cards class I do for a while.

It's 1:26 am as I finish writing this. Blogging about the day and downloading and editing all the pics is very time consuming but I'm enjoying Ali's posts so much, I really want to join in the fun. Tomorrow, I plan to eat a salad (ha!), wear real clothes, put makeup on and take more pictures of myself and my life.

How is your week in the life going???


Carol Chastain said...

Some days it's just the way it goes, pjs and inconveniences. I love your "real car selfie" and the "grainy one" should totally go in your album... Okay done being bossy ;)

Anonymous said...

I just posted over on Tiffany's blog that I'm happy if I get one picture a day that I really love and a few others that I'm happy enough with to use. I definitely want to keep it fun. It *is* extra "work" to blog and write things down, but it will be worth it in the end. Hope your water is on today! :-)
~ Laura

Unknown said...

YAY!!!! documenting now to create later ROCKS!! you may be surprised just how easy the timer on the camera is, I was & am digging it!