Wednesday, November 18, 2015

live inspired - episode 4

On this week's Live Inspired podcast, I'm talking to Jeana Goodwin, designer and owner of Felicity Jane, a unique papercrafting company and monthly kit club. We discuss the ins and outs of building a business from the ground up from networking to design to packaging and shipping.

This episode is really the perfect example of what I envisioned for the Live Inspired podcast. Jeana is someone who created an entire company from just her own talent and passion. She took a leap of faith and it paid off! That is so inspiring!

Join me Friday for a blog post and video featuring Jeana's work and her Felicity Jane designs and a project inspired by them, made by me.

Be sure to check out Felicity There's an amazing amount of inspiration there! 


Unknown said...

What an "inspiring" episode! I was so excited when it popped up on my podcast because I just joined Felicity Jane last week after seeing Jen Schow for many months playing with these gorgeous kits.

Her style just fits me and I am even more glad now that I joined because I feel good about supporting a small business owner.

Unknown said...

How wonderful! I just discovered Felicity Jane not long ago on IG and have been following you since. So happy you chose IG because it's the only social media I follow religiously :-) you are so inspiring. So interesting to hear your story. Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

Such a treat listening to both of you lovely ladies! So happy you took that leap of faith, Jeana and love having a little part in it.

Ingunn said...

When I started scrapbooking again, I was all like "oh I'm not going to join a kit club, I'll just use my stash and buy a paper or two at my LSS", and then I discovered Felicity Jane and two seconds later I was a subscriber. Oops.

amarie said...

What a great inspiring interview. Thank you so much.