Monday, January 25, 2016


This was the first January I can remember that I didn't sit down and write out a list of goals. I actually realized this last week and I was like, "Hmm....wonder why?" :)

After giving it some thought, I realized it's because I really don't need to write my goals down, they are at the forefront of my mind daily. Having said that, I thought it might be good to share them with those of you who might be interested in what I'm up to. I believe transparency in business can inspire others and more than anything, that's what I want to do. terms of my creative business, I have two goals for 2016.

Growing my following is my number one job and it's what I work the hardest at. I work at it long hours every day and it's paying off. I started out with 1,000 friends and acquaintances from online sources and they tuned in to the first episode of The Scrap Gals Podcast within 24 hours. Those 1,000 people are the foundation of my following. Some of them decided never to listen again but I believe many of them have been with me ever since.

Right now, with my three podcasts, I have around 12,000 total listens per week. That's 12,000 opportunities per week that I have to inspire someone. That makes me happy.

I am super thankful for every person who listens and I take the job of podcasting very seriously. It's my primary job although it pays nothing. So why do I do it? The truth is...if I do a good job podcasting, my following will grow enough to support whatever else I'm doing that I am charging for. It's all a numbers game. I enjoy podcasting but I couldn't put the time into it that I do if I weren't using it to build my following.

So my number one goal for 2016 is to continue to grow my following (the people who follow my blog, podcasts and social media).

So how do I grow my following?
- Continue producing a weekly episode of The Scrap Gals Podcast.
- Continue producing a weekly episode of Live Inspired.
- Produce and publish one episode of Magic Memory Keepers each month.
- Post regularly on social media.
- Be super active in my Facebook group.
- Blog regularly.

I have decided that although there is a strong community on YouTube that I can tap into....I cannot fit YouTube into my life right now. I wanted to. It was one of my main goals for 2015 but two hours of free content every week is my max right now when I take into consideration that I spend 8-12 hours per week planning, taping and editing my shows.

I won't be creating that many classes every year but I need class content for sale on my site so that I can have an income. That makes sense, right? All the podcasting will stop if my class sales can't support it so I have to focus, focus, focus on creating class content and get as much as I can up for sale as soon as possible.

I am not a halfway kind of girl so creating classes takes a lot of time. I pour my heart and soul into every class because teaching is really my favorite part of what I do. I have 13 years experience teaching scrapbooking locally so teaching online is a natural fit for me.

After leaving my job in May of last year, I was immediately approached by Big Picture Classes and Debbie Hodge (Get It Scrapped) and spent June and July creating class content for them. I was also just getting my bearings, figuring out a lot of things and constantly brainstorming ideas that were coming to me like lightening bolts. Leaving my job took such a burden off my mind and heart that my soul opened up like a window to the creativity that was knocking at it.

I spent most of August working on my Easy Hand Lettering class and launched it in September. It sold so well that I was able to basically take off the rest of the year. I created about 1/3 of a class called "Journal Your Life" (that I am releasing this summer) and then put it aside because after 7+ years of working non-stop for someone else, I just wanted some time off. I worked hard to get my third podcast, Live Inspired, going and then I gave myself permission to enjoy the rest of the year without working on classes.

So that brings us to now! I just spent the first two weeks of January putting together a class that I will be announcing soon. It's with a friend and I'm waiting for her to announce it. (Being asked to teach with her was a huge honor, can't wait for you to hear about it.)

Today, I start work on a class with Crafty Jen Schow and we are super excited about it. We plan to release it February 15th. I'm creating about 20 layouts so it will take me a good three weeks to create this class. We're talking videos, written content, lots and lots of's a huge investment of time.

After that, I'm going to immediately start to work on a project that I have always wanted to do. I hope to have it done by mid March.

In late March, I'll start to work on a class with one of my favorite friends: Jana Eubank. We're excited about it and hope to release it in April.

So as you can see....I have a LOT going on behind the scenes. My goal is that by the end of April, I will have five classes available, including my Easy Hand Lettering class.

Five classes should be good for a while. I am going on a 10 day vacation May 1st so I plan to take off most of May and then get right back to work in June when Jen and I will have a Volume 2 of our class that's coming out soon. I also plan to start working on another class for Big Picture then plus while I'm at Disney World on vacation in May, I plan to film a lot of another class at the parks!

So as you can see, I have no time in my life to do anything else. I was asked last week if Tiffany and I might do a Scrap Gals retreat. There's just no time. People want to buy coffee mugs with Scrap Gals on them and I want to make and sell them but I'm not sure how I can fit it in my life. I'm not interested in being on any design teams because again, no time. all of you who have read all of this, thank you for supporting me and always encouraging me. So far, working for myself has gone better than I expected. I'm super proud of the classes I have created and I'm excited about working on the ones coming up.

I plan to work hard for the next three months and then go, "Okay girl, you rocked that, now breathe!" :)

Here's to a fabulous 2016. I believe it's going to be a great year for us both. That's right, YOU and me. If you're on your own creative journey, I hope my story is inspiring you. Here's to us and here's to happiness, creativity and enjoying our life! XO!


Anonymous said...

Fascinating reading! I love hearing other people's plans for their year: yours sounds super-exciting xxx

Susanne said...

If you continue to work as hard as you have and share as creatively and generously as you have in 2016, I'm sure there is no stopping your ascent. Good luck on all those aspirations in 2016. You will rock it!

Barbara Eads said...

I miss teaching classes too. I still have a few things going on---my goal is to inspire people to tell their stories. You are hardworking and driven. I have no doubt you'll be successful!

Unknown said...

You have brought so much joy, laughter and fun to so many of us, Tracie! Thanks for inspiring us in our scrapbooking. It's been a treat to see all the amazing things you are doing - it WILL be an awesome 2016!!!

Unknown said...

Looks like a super great plan for the coming year!

Amy Pitts said...

You have so many big goals for 2016! I can't wait to learn more about some of your classes. So happy that I stumbled up on ScrapGals you guys have really inspired me to get back into scrapbooking.

Teddi said...

here's to you tracie, for sharing your genuine spirit & soul! with love

TJ said...

Very proud of you. I know you will accomplish whatever you set out to do.
Trisha Hamilton

Unknown said...

Your life sounds incredible! GOOD for you! 😊

Inkfanatic said...

I just found out about your podcast Live Inspired, on the Paperclipping Forum (thanks to MiaScraps), and thoroughly enjoyed hearing you interview Noell!
So much so, that I downloaded all the episodes, and have been kinda binge-listening :D I have a couple more to hear, so now I'm starting to download the Scrap Gals podcast too. (We don't have internet at our house, by choice, so I have to download when we're at work-we own the business, so it's ok for me to do that, lol!)
I have no desire to start a creative business, to be clear, but I love to hear about how people got their start, and what keeps them motivated. You ask great questions, and I find listening inspires me to create!!
SO Thanks for that!!
Loved reading this post too, about your goals for this year! I had hemmed and hawed, and not really put anything down on paper as to what I wanted to accomplish this year, but I just finished reading Better Than Before, by Gretchen Rubin, and between her book, and you're inspiring message, I'm gonna take a little time to do just that...get it written down.

Just wanted you to know you have a new fan!! Keep up the great work! I look forward to hearing/seeing more from you!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing Tracie! I'm looking forward to checking out your new classes.

powerscrapper said...

I am sooo excited to hear that you are teaming up with Jana Eubank to offer a class!She is one of my favorite designers and I love her scrapbooking style. Can't wait to see what you two talented ladies come up with!