Tuesday, January 19, 2016

start with the story

Back in the fall, I released my first class at Big Picture Classes and as I shared here with you then, I really put my heart and soul into creating it. It's been out a few months now and I had forgotten to check in so today I stopped by and it made me happy to see some new reviews and comments.

Many people have told me they signed up to BPC with a free month trial just to take my class and for that I'm thankful. I hope those people continued their subscription because the content is so great. I pay for a subscription since I had it before I started teaching there and I think it's worth every drop of $10 a month. I'm sure some of you are not members of BPC and haven't had a chance to take the class so I wanted to share some reviews for those of you who might be considering it.

This is an outstandingly good class. So well done. The beautifully done videos make her 
points stick and the handouts are simple, short but rock with utility. She doesn't knock any scrapbooking approach and covers them well. Her case for Story first is entirely compelling 
for anyone who scrapbooks for legacy more than prettiness or product. Love Tracie's 
beautifully clean & simple style with great balance of white space and crisp contrast. This is probably my favorite new BPC class to date. -Skyetain, Sacramento, CA

Love Tracie Claiborne! One of my favorite people in the industry. So glad she's here
at BPC. I hope she will do more classes in the future. In this class, I'm learning that
I'm a product based scrapper. I want to tell my stories but always get stuck.
Tracie is making me realize that I'm the one making it hard on myself.
I just need to switch my process around in order to achieve my goals of
more of my important stories being told in my scrapbooks. -Janannemd, Keene, TX

This class was a great reminder of why I started scrapbooking in the first place.
The layouts I usually see online are definitely product driven so this was fresh
inspiration. I'm a huge fan of Tracie's teaching style. Thanks! 
-Adrienneh1973, Brownsburg, IN

Those are three of the eight reviews posted and if any of you who posted those are reading this now....thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you left a comment within the lessons, thank you, thank you, thank you. I read and responded to each one and it absolutely made my heart happy. 

I plan to teach again at BPC. They've asked me to submit something but I'm working on four classes of my own right now to be released by summer so I will turn my attention to them after that. 

If you'd like to get more of your story on your pages - be sure to check this class out! I'd love to hear what you think!

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Shemaine Smith said...

Congratulations Tracy. You can tell that you're very passionate about what you do and enjoy sharing your knowledge with others. You have such a giving heart and put so much out there to help other scrapbookers. I can't imagine we won't be seeing many more classes from you at BPC.