Tuesday, February 23, 2016

how to purge your scrapbook stash

I love to purge my belongings. Something about letting go of a sticker I've had since 2003 makes me feel more in control of my life.

About three weeks ago, someone in our community mentioned wanting to purge but not really knowing how so when I got the itch to purge my Valentine's Day stash, I made this video to share my process. I hope it helps you if you're interested in purging some of your stash!

Here's what's left of my Valentine and Love themed stash. I'm happy with this!

As I said in the video, I'm determined to go through every drawer of my studio and purge what I don't truly love. That will make it easier for me to find things as I create.

Speaking of creating, I recently made 15 of my favorite layouts I've ever made for my new class "Ready, Sketch, Go!" with Crafty Jen Schow. It went up for sale Friday and we've gotten incredible feedback so far from those who've purchased it.

Here's what the class includes:
  • 15 lessons: 15 sketches and 30 process videos equaling 10.5 hours of video instruction
  • 40 layouts to inspire you
  • 17 exclusive cut files in PNG and SVG versions for use with an electronic die cutting machine
  • 2 hour audio discussion with Jen and me discussing our approach to each sketch
  • 25 page printable .pdf document with full color photos of each sketch and layout, 105 tips and tricks for using sketches PLUS spaces to create your own sketches! This handout is perfect for tucking in your crop bag to help inspire you as you create.
  • access to a private Facebook group where we will discuss ideas, share projects, and ask questions

The best part of the class has been our Facebook group. I'm spending my days checking in and seeing all the wonderful layouts being created with the sketches. It's growing into a fun community. 

Here's a peek at the cut files. I did the happy dance after cutting these...

Jen and I plan to offer this class multiple times per year so this is Volume 1. We want to be your source for creative inspiration and we love sketches because they help us all find a starting point to document our stories.

Here's a sneak peek at my favorite layout from the class...

The class has 13 hours of content so we've priced it accordingly at $35 but through the last day of this month, 2/29, you can grab it for only $30. Let me know if you have any questions about the class - I'm happy to answer them!

Have a happy, scrappy day!


Lisa Soares said...

I enjoyed watching your process,Tracie. I'm not much of a purger, I'm more of an organizer!�� I should probably do more purging. I find that with some of the older embellishments that I wouldn't use on a layout, I like to use bits and pieces in Project Life. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to make this video!

kae said...

This was extremely helpful to me. Thank you for sharing your process Tracie.

TJ said...

I absolutely loved hearing your thoughts as you went through each piece. I SO need to do this! Thank you for a great video!

KathleenM said...

Thanks for posting a video on your purging process. I am making my way through my craft room but not getting rid of enough. I need to be a bit more brutal! It just hurts my heart how much I have spent on all this that I no longer want. I wish I knew a good place to donate to.

Susanne said...

Interesting video, Tracie. Thanks for sharing. I don't separate any of my supplies by theme except for Christmas, because I find so many more of the products are able to cross over now than they did 5 years ago.

Karla Yungwirth said...

I loved watching your process Tracie, and am totally in the mood to go clean out my stash! I loved how you showed that you still had enough supplies to make at least 20 layouts even after purging. It totally puts it in perspective how far some paper and stickers go!

angie said...

I really enjoyed listening to your reasons and I have to agree about the cutesy stuff!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

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