Thursday, February 25, 2016

live inspired - episode 16

On this week's Live Inspired podcast, I'm talking to my friend and creative business partner, Crafty Jen Schow. Jen and I often have conversations about growing a creative business so every few months, we'll share our ideas with you. In this episode, we'll discuss staying focused and being productive.

Jen is truly the most creative person I know and I admire her for her talent but I admire her more for her character. She is always positive, focused and full of passion for what we do. She inspires me to do more and be more.

If you'd like to find out more about Jen, be sure to visit her at her website and watch her awesome videos on YouTube.

Thanks so much for listening and stopping by!


hoguec said...

I gave up Facebook and Instagram for Lent so adding my thoughts here. I enjoyed the podcast and look forward to future episodes with Jen. I think we need to change the lingo for professional women. When you are feeding your passion, earning for your family and filling your personal tank you are not neglecting my your family. You are teach them that your passions and talents have value. They are not the center of the universe. Work is not a dirty four letter word. And I could go on. I have a twenty year old. Ten years ago I got a much coveted job offer but it required travel. Time away from my family. I prayed about it. I talked to people I respect. My husband and I pow wowed. I took the job. I cannot tell you how many things times in the last 10 years I have been questioned about my time away from my family. Don't I miss them. How do I feel about other people raising my child. Is my job more important than family, mothering, etc. 100% of the time it is women who ask me these questions. I have so much respect for women who stay home with their children. Home school their children. I have the same respect for those that follow passions that lead them out of their home. Wow. Wasn't planning on ranting but who are we kidding. I don't know how to type a short comment. I'm so glad to hear you both have supportive husbands who encourage you. And those girls of yours, they sound like the type of young ladies I pray my son finds to share his life with. Carry on ladies. Well done. Can't wait to see what comes next.

Emily said...

Hi Tracie, I recently stumbled on your ScrapGals podcast and loved it so I came to your website and listened to this podcast as well! I love what you're doing and it's cool because I hadn't heard of Jen but have seen her work! I hope to take your and her sketch class too! Thanks for producing some great podcasts that have gotten me working on Scrapbooking instead of distracted from it! ;)

Mint P. said...

Hola from Mexico!

Just wanted to say real quick that I love love love your podcasts. Scrap Gals is so funny, I feel like I'm with a couple of friends. And Live Inspired is so... well, inspiring! I love it!! :D

Thank you so much for all the work you put on both of them, I really appreciate it :)