Tuesday, March 08, 2016

happy tuesday!

Thanks to each of you who left me a kind comment on my last post. I'm doing much better. Still struggling with sinus problems a bit and some pain from a dental procedure last week but I'm getting back in the swing of things. I'm taping a new Live Inspired tomorrow and managed to get the Scrap Gals edited and uploaded tonight.

This week, the Scrap Gals (that's Tiffany and me if you're new here) are talking about our scrappy irritations. Those little pesky things that drive us batty while we craft! We had a blast airing our frustrations and hope you'll laugh along with us as you listen.

Here's that episode...

Tiffany came over Saturday for us to tape and after dinner, we stopped by Joann and Michael's as we usually do. I got quite the haul at Michael's and a bit of stuff at Joann's. I made three videos to share with you this week. Two are about the items I got at Michael's but the first one is my "very small Joann haul."

As I say in the video, I'm not usually overly thrilled with what Joann carries but I've decided they're a good source to get certain items, especially since they often run everything in the scrappy aisle 40% off. I've decided to start watching for that sale and check their selection of thickers, inks, adhesive and other new products during that week.

I was really happy to find those three packs of Thickers and will keep looking at other Joann's for more. Tiffany and I marveled as we always do, at the lack of brand name, new items that chain stores carry. I don't get it - if they can carry Amy Tangerine brand Thickers - why don't they have her stickers, die cuts and paper?

I mean, who is the buyer for these stores that they don't understand what it is that people want to buy?! All they need to do is look at scrapbook.com! Most of the embellishments from brands like Crate Paper sell out in a few hours yet the three major chain stores carry very little in the way of the new and good stuff from American Crafts. Maybe they can't negotiate a price for the products that would allow them to still make a profit despite their sales and coupons but I would rather shop in a store with fewer sales and not as good of a coupon, as long as it carried the supplies I am looking for. I rarely get things deeply on sale at scrapbook.com but I order what I want the moment it comes in. "Trying to find the supplies I want to buy" is definitely one of my major scrappy irritations, as you'll hear in the show this week.

I have two more videos to share with you so check back soon for those! Until then, go and be crafty!! :)


Anonymous said...

I was nodding my head through this whole video -- ha, ha. I used some Core'dinations white textured cardstock over the weekend that I had bought at Joann's and I just don't like it as much as Bazzill or American Crafts. I don't go there very often because they'll advertise 60% off one regularly priced item and then you can't find a single thing in the blessed store that is regular price. But I do love Thickers, so I'll have to go sometime soon. :)

Laura C said...

Hmmm, maybe you need to interview the buyers for Michaels or Joanns????? Or even someone at American Crafts to find out the reasons behind what seems obvious to the consumers? I know the little LSS in my area says she only carries what can't be bought at a big box store. I wonder if the LSS have any input into keep some of the lines exclusive to online stores and LSS???? only pondering some thoughts outloud