Thursday, March 17, 2016

live inspired: artful leigh creative

This week, on the Live Inspired podcast, I'm talking to Artful Leigh about her work as a designer in the scrapbook industry. Leigh is so in love with creating that she was a joy to talk to. I discovered her videos on YouTube and immediately fell in love with her clean and graphic style. Her blog is delightful, just as she is. I feel very inspired to create after talking to her and I hope you will too!

I still don't quite see how Leigh can balance four design team commitments but my hat is off to her!!! She was so fun to talk to. If I were a DT Coordinator, I'd hire her for sure! Her style is clean, fresh and graphic - exactly what I love.

This layout she just did for Shimelle knocks my socks off! See why I love her?

Be sure to check out her awesome YouTube videos right here. Speaking of videos, I'm working on a quick one to share soon so watch for that and have an awesome Thursday!


Inkfanatic said...

Hi Tracie & Leigh!
I've been listening to all the episodes of Live Inspired, and they are so well done!
I have no creative business goals or desires, just personal ones! But I am so ready to
get in my room & make 'stuff' after listening to your podcast:)
I want you to know that today's interview with Leigh is, so far, my favorite! She is so supremely
creative & talented, I was just full of happy thoughts & wanted to grab some paper and
glue and stick something to it, lol! If it weren't for the fact that I just packed all my 'stuff' for a
cross country move, I sure would have!
This move is changing our life in so many ways, but listening to uplifting & inspiring messages
like this, really just motivates me even more, to reach out and make our goals & dreams
come true!
I can't wait to check out Leigh's videos & blog for more inspiration! I love that she has a planner
for each area of her life that needs attention. I love planners, but am not good at keeping them up.
Now I'm inspired to have more 'focused' planners, for the stuff that matters (as far as getting stuff
done)! I'll let you know how that works out for me.
Anyway, loved this episode, and can't wait to hear more! Thanks to you both!!

Sonja said...

Fab interview! I listened to parts of 4-5 times there was so much to take in and be I spired by.


Unknown said...

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