Wednesday, March 30, 2016

live inspired: ashley horton

This week, on the Live Inspired podcastI'm talking to designer, Ashley Horton about creating and selling digital cut files. Ashley has created over 300 cut file designs for The Cut Shoppe and she and her creative team do a great job of inspiring others to use them. We discuss how Ashley built her business as well as her work for some of the top design teams in our industry. 

It was a lot of fun to talk to a fellow Southern girl who works full time in our industry. 

Ashley's design work is absolutely breathtaking and chances are, you've seen it many times since she creates for the top companies in our hobby. Here are a few of my favorite pages by her:

This uses die cuts from the Maggie Holmes Bloom collection. This is just amazing to me!

I love the half circles on this and it also uses more Crate Paper - my current fave.

I really like the grid design of this layout for Hip Kit Club.

Ashley's blog is a treasure trove of inspiration!! I plan to look through it for many days to come. :) I hope you'll check it out and be sure to stop by The Cut Shoppe if you own a die cutting machine.

Thanks so much for listening and stopping by!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure your daughter and your family will make the best choice for her future. I just haven't been able to get the "waste of time" comment out of my head since listening to the show on Friday.

While there is a wealth of educational material online, there are many doors that would be closed if someone chose (or was not able to attend) college. Some subjects are difficult or impossible to learn alone. If you want to join a profession like law or architecture or engineering or teaching or most positions in healthcare, you will need an education. While you could likely get certified in various IT skills online without college, most, if not all, jobs would require a degree. Even jobs like administrative assistant often require a certain level of education. Plus college isn't just to prepare you for a vocation, it allows you to become more learned in many areas while you decide your future path and can be one of the most wonderful and rewarding experiences in someone's life. Young adulthood is a great time to take advantage of educational opportunities before other life choices (marriage, children) might make it more difficult to go to school.

Just had to share. :)

TracieClaiborne said...

Laura - I knew our comments would elicit a response similar to yours from someone who now considers us in need of life counsel. :) Obviously we are aware of all the avenues of employment you listed that require a degree. I almost deleted the entire portion of that podcast because I knew it would be a cause for concern to someone who doesn't understand why we believe as we do. I don't recall saying college was a "waste of time" but I must have since you are quoting me on that phrase. That part of my conversation with Ashley was mostly lighthearted. Having said that, I stand by the statements I made. I am fully aware of the merits of higher education but I don't share the popular belief that you must attend college to be successful in life. For one thing, my definition of success is probably vastly different than yours. My husband and I are the embodiment of living on "the road less traveled." Our hope is that our daughter will not work in an office or have any part of corporate America. I did and hated every moment of it. Our family is very entrepreneurial, musical and artistic. If our daughter does attend college, it will likely be an arts school of some kind, however, the decision is up to her (as I stated in the show). I'm fully aware that most people don't understand our lack of enthusiasm for college but my husband and I both work full time in creative fields, living our passion so it is just not something we believe is required to be successful. He has worked as a professional musician for 35 years but he also went to a trade school to become an electronic engineer and he still uses those skills in his business sometimes although his employees do that type of work now (he owns a pro-audio gear business). I worked my way up to a Marketing Director without a college degree but I was never happy in corporate America and I don't think my daughter could be either. This is a new time for educating ourselves and thinking outside the box. A creative business can be built now in a way that couldn't be prior to the power of the world wide web. Self-promotion has built my business in one year well past my expectations. Our family just thinks differently than most about how to live a fulfilled and happy life. It's something we talk about a lot as we enter our 12th year of homeschooling. Twelve years ago, I had a similar discussion with many people as I announced my intent to homeschool Caroline until graduation. I had many, many naysayers for that decision but she's turned out to be the most well-behaved, capable and kind child I've ever known. She does very well in school and is at ease with adults and kids of all ages. We just take each year as it comes and if she chooses to attend college, we will fully support her. If not, my husband and I will help her achieve her dreams just like we did: with talent, diligence and a heaping dose of ambition. Caroline might even end up working for a ministry, as I did for 7.5 years. I have a friend who makes a mind blowing amount of money each month selling essential oils and Caroline's considered doing that as well. She might be a stay at home Mom and marry a man who takes good care of her. We have talked about her being my assistant as my business grows or working with her Dad at our company. We're just always open to opportunities and listening to what God wants us to do.

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