Thursday, March 24, 2016

live inspired: marie-pierre capistran

This week, on the Live Inspired podcast, I'm talking to designer, Marie-Pierre Capistran about her creative journey and design work. If there was an award for "Most Charming Scrapbooker," Marie-Pierre would certainly win it. It's easy to see why Marie's talent and personality is so captivating to many people and brands in our industry. I enjoyed this interview immensely and I hope you do as well! 

I'm listening to this show (for the third time) as I'm writing this blog post and once again, my face hurts from smiling. I just love Marie-Pierre to pieces!

Here are some of my favorite pages of hers:

I love this artsy one we discussed in the show.

I am always happy to see 8.5x11 layouts from my favorite designers because 8.5x11 will always be my one true love. :)

Love this layout she made for Pretty Little Studio. I love the vintage vibe of their embellies!

This is the layout she discussed in the show about "shadows." Love, love, love! Of course I love anything related to Disney World!

I am a big fan of "then and now" type layouts and this is a great one.

Isn't it amazing how prolific people can be when they have the time and determination? I hope you enjoyed this week's Live Inspired and that you're having a fun week and will have a happy Easter holiday.

Be sure to check out Marie-Pierre's blog at this link for more inspiration!

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