Thursday, June 23, 2016

live inspired: designer, lilith eeckels

My apologies for not posting last week. I was traveling and had limited time to record and my guest had technical difficulties aka no internet connection. Thankfully we did connect this week and the results are very worth the wait, in my opinion!

This week, I'm talking to former Two Peas in a Bucket Garden Girl, Lilith Eeckels. Lilith and I discuss why she stepped away from design teams for a while, how her mood affects her scrapbooking style, why Project Life didn't work for her and documenting our journey through life with meaningful memory keeping.

As Lilith and I talked during the taping, I just felt like our paths crossed at exactly the right moment. I just finished creating a class all about journaling and making your memory keeping meaningful and I realized some things listening to her that I want to add to the class. As I said in the show, I've been using the word "heartfelt" for a while with regard to how I want my journaling to be written but I really like the word "personal" to describe how I want to approach my memory keeping. I'll be thinking of how I can put that into very practical application to go along with the lessons in the class.

I could have continued to talk to Lilith for a long, long time. She is truly a joy to know. Now that I know her heart, I'm looking forward to watching more of her videos to see her thoughts in action. I know you'll want to as well so here are links to Lilith online:

Blog: Lilith and Scrap
YouTube: Lilith Eeckels (109 Videos)
Instagram: lilitheeckels
Design Team: Altenew Blog

Two Peas YouTube Channel

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Have a great weekend!


Keely said...

I loved this episode!! I've always been a fan of Lilith and it was great to hear her story. Keep up the great work Tracie!!

Robin said...

I enjoy the variety of people you choose to interview! Each one is interesting, and I look for to see who you will have on next.

Susan said...

Great episode! I always loved Lilith's contributions on TwoPeas so it was nice to hear from her again.

maddie said...

Hi Tracie! This episode was amazing! I so look forward to your podcast,b and have enjoyed all of them so far. Lilith taught me a lot about myself and why I scrapbook, and what I am after in my scrapbooking. A very insightful episode, I will have to listen to it again!
Thank you!