Wednesday, July 20, 2016

journal your life

In May of 2015, I left my job and began to work on a full time creative career. That very month, I started work on a class that I quickly put aside due to other deadlines, commitments and collaborations. I'm so glad I did because I went back to the class to work on it often and kept it on my mind frequently. I tweaked it until I finally created a product I'm super happy with.

I know it's a much better class than if I had completed it one year ago: I've learned so much since then! My class process is smooth as silk now and you can even see a big difference in the first couple of 12x12 layouts I created for the class last year vs. my current style that shows up around Lesson 4.

I don't mind sharing that with you because this is not a class about layout design. This is a class about my first love, storytelling. I've worked hard to create 12 proven strategies for meaningful journaling and in Lesson 12, I'll prove to you that they work!

This self-paced, online class includes:
  • 12 Proven Strategies for Meaningful Memory Keeping
  • 14 Videos with More Than 2.5 Hours of Content
  • 15 Page Full Color Class Handout
  • Journaling Checklist with 36 Prompts and Strategies
  • Over one dozen layouts, including eight custom created for this class.
  • Bonus Lesson with Audio Recording
  • Bonus Lesson and Handout "How to be a Master Storyteller Like Susan Branch"
  • Access to Private "Journal Your Life" Class Forum
Here's a link to purchase and please let me know if you have any questions!

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Sherrie J. said...

Hi there, Tracie. Just wanted to let you know that none of the links I'm trying for "Journal Your Life" are working. Everything from the email I received to the links here on your blog.