Friday, September 30, 2016

live inspired: designer, laura vegas

This week, on the Live Inspired podcast, I'm talking to designer, Laura Vegas. We discuss her recent departure from Bella Blvd., her plans for the future and her love of double pagers. Laura has been scrapbooking for 22 years so we talk about getting rid of old layouts, redoing pages and how she feels about the big picture of her work.

I really enjoyed talking to Laura. She has inspired me for so long. It's fun to chat with someone whose work I know so well.

I encourage you to check Laura out online here...


If you enjoyed this show and are inspired by her work, let her know! I'm sure she would appreciate it!

Here's one of my favorite layouts by awesome.

Thanks for stopping by and listening! Have a lovely weekend. I'm heading out to teach on a cruise with Crafty Jen Schow so looking forward to that! 


Debbie P said...

I have always loved Laura'a work. This was a great podcast. I have been struggling with the "too many albums" dilemma as of late, and I love her idea of scanning many of them and making a photo book. (Hadn't heard Becky H. talk about it). I am one of those that would love to see what she would do with those old layouts and the pocket pages. I have been dancing around that solution for quite some time. Thanks for such an awesome interview/podcast ladies!

Anonymous said...

I've followed Laura for years, and I just loved hearing this podcast. Thanks so much, Laura, for sharing your thoughts with us!! (and Tracie, that is one of my all-time favorite layouts of Laura's, too!)
I can't wait to see what Laura does in the future!!

Mendi Yoshikawa said...

LOVE Laura! I had so much fun listening to this and hearing more. We are such kindred spirits. Thanks for interviewing her for us. :)

Paula said...

Hallo Tracie, hello Laura,

I have just "met" your Blog/Podcast and love everything I see and hear.
Very inspiring :-)

I hope to be able to show some sheets I did in the near future on my blog. I grew up creating photo albums, which were/are - seen from today's perspective – very close to today's scrapbooks.

best wishes,