Thursday, January 05, 2017

live inspired: practicing self-love with laura rahel

Hello you! After a good, long holiday hiatus, I am back with a new episode of Live Inspired and you are going to love it! My guest this week is the lovely Laura Rahel: scrapbooker, teacher and positivity guru.

In this week's podcast, Laura and I talk about how to use memory keeping as a way to encourage self-love and positivity. We discuss her new class "Hello, Gorgeous" which offers 16 lessons to help you create an album about how awesome you actually are! Laura and I also discuss finding your best path in 2017, documenting the everyday stories of our life, the format Laura is creating in this year and more.

When I meet people like Laura who have so many good things to say and so many great ideas about memory keeping, I am always amazed that we've never met. We connected instantly and she is just a joy! I told her she will now be a recurring guest on Live Inspired because she is so full of great ideas and I just love everything she had to say.

Be sure to check out her blog, YouTube channel and Instagram feed. I know you're going to love Laura as much as I do!

You may notice that the intro and outro music is missing from this episode. That's because, this year, I'm taking Live Inspired in a bit of a different direction. The first year of this show was about learning all I could about the business side of scrapbooking and talking to other creative entrepreneurs. I learned a lot and I'm thankful for their candor and willingness to talk to me.

Now, I want to just have a spot where I can talk to people who truly inspire me with their art and their ideas. I have a long list of illustrators, lettering artists, scrapbookers, art journalers, mixed media artists, YouTubers, card makers and more to talk to. In some shows, we'll simply go through their Instagram feed and talk about their art. Other times, like this week, we'll have deep, thought provoking discussions about our art and how it impacts our life. I'll have a new theme song soon and I'm excited about the direction I'm taking the show. I hope you approve!!

Looking forward to living a life inspired in 2017!


Unknown said...

Tracie, I'm so excited for this year's guest list! Thank you for all you do to bring us this podcast! The Scrap Gals as well (Thanks to Tiffany too!)

Unknown said...

I'm so glad Live Inspired is back!! I've been missing it and the inspiration it always gives me. Thanks for all your hard work, Tracie, and I can't wait to see how the year unfolds!

Neftali Castaneda said...

I'm am so excited to hear them all! That's sounds like a great direction to go! 💕

Sandy said...

It all sounds fantastic, Tracie. Your interview technique is excellent and always entertaining no matter the topic!

Unknown said...

This was one of my favorite Live Inspired Episodes! :)