Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Introducing "The First Love Club" Podcast

The craziest thing happened a few months ago. Cori Spieker aka The Reset Girl, messaged me to say she would like to meet with me to discuss the possibility of us working together on some faith based projects. As you can imagine, I was extremely surprised and equally delighted. I had been seeking God's will for months on a way to take my passion for hand lettering, storytelling and memory keeping into a faith based direction. Cori's message was utterly out of the blue and as we were not well acquainted, I knew it must be a God connection.

She came to see me one sunny day in November and I was giddy with anticipation. After a three hour lunch on the lake, I knew this girl was going to be my friend for life. We spent the next few days discussing our business goals and most importantly, our faith. We talked on my couch 'til the wee hours of the morning and God confirmed again and again that we were destined to be friends for the long haul. We shared stories of trials and victories, we laughed, we cried and we prayed. We bonded big time.

A couple days after she left, I was already missing her when she text me and asked if I would like to collaborate with her on upcoming products with my hand lettering. Of course, I readily accepted her offer! She gave me a list of words and phrases to letter and we made plans for products to come. Soon after, she began to release the first of the products and it is a thrill to see my lettering on her designs! It truly is a dream come true!

While Cori was in town (her RV parked in my driveway), Tiffany came over and we recorded an episode of The Scrap Gals Podcast that would air a couple weeks later. Our listeners absolutely loved the show and we got a lot of great feedback. The week the show aired, I was sitting at the library and Cori and I started a conversation by text about the success of the episode and how everyone loved it. We realized it would be a great opportunity for us to collaborate on a regular basis if we did a podcast together! Cori already wanted to do a podcast and I wanted to do a faith-based project but didn't know what that should be. A faith-based podcast seemed like the perfect project for us.

We discussed a lot of ways the show could go and decided we should continue the meaningful work that Cori puts in to her Faithful Life Club Challenge each month. What better topic to discuss than God's Word!? Of course, along the way, we'll share personal stories, revelations and sermon notes and I know Cori will share tips, as she always does, on resetting your life. The show will air each Wednesday morning and we are so excited for it to premiere! We're looking forward to connecting with listeners who want to focus on making Jesus the most important part of their life. If that's you, join us! We'll post a link on our social media and here as soon as the first show is up!

Meanwhile...we're making plans for a First Love Club Retreat! Join us in Nashville, Tennessee at my friend's gorgeous studio for a 12 hour workshop! Only 30 spots available! Find all the details here or by clicking the image below!

Thanks for allowing me to share this story with you. I have a lot of great projects in store for 2018 and this is one of the most exciting.

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and feeling the peace and joy of Jesus every day!


Andy said...

Just heard the news on the ScrapGals and I am just beyond excited about this podcast! Fantastic news, cannot wait. Sending every blessing and prayer to both of you as you follow God's call in this exciting new venture, love Suse xxx

Cindy Duhon said...

I just heard the news on the ScrapGals too and I'm so excited about the new podcast!!! I will pray for you both :)

Jeannine H. said...

Congratulations Tracie. I have been binge listening to all your podcasts recently as I just discovered you not so long ago. I don’t know how I remained in the dark for so long. Thank you for all you do. Love evrything and i am looking forward to this new podcast. I found the episode with “The Reset Girl” to be very moving and inspiring. Wishing you and your family a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

Laura Laforest said...

I am excited about a faith based podcast! God is really moving in social media!

Jennifer said...

Y'all are cute! :)