Tuesday, July 02, 2019

it's on my list

Hello blog readers. I realize I am woefully behind when it comes to sharing my life here. The truth is, a new website has been on my master to-do list for about two years. I have it all sketched out and ready to create, I just have to take time to make it!

One reason for the delay is that I've had a new website idea for quite a while that has gone through a lot of changes in my mind, as I've pondered it. I've bought several domain names (URL's) but I didn't feel like I had clarity on a plan. Lately, I've been making some big progress in that department. When I lay down at night, I have a-ha moments and have to grab my phone and take notes so I can sleep! I think it's because I cleared my schedule of everything right now so I can focus on letting ideas come to me.

I'll share a sneak with you, the site will be called handletteringlessons.com.

Gasp. I know. Can you believe that URL was available? 

Get ready to gasp again, ALL THE LESSONS WILL BE FREE. Yep. There, I said it. All free. There will be printable worksheets and other hand lettered digital items for sale, but the learning will be free. Why? That's a long story that I will tell you one day.

Previously, I was going to call it ilovelettering.com (which I still own) but something didn't sit right with me. I plan to hand letter the logo and I don't want it to start with an "i." That issue alone held me back from creating a site for about a year. I knew I had to change the domain name so on a long drive, earlier this year, super bored and trying to stay awake, my family and I had a brainstorming session. I said, "if you were going to Google how to learn hand lettering, what would you Google?" My sister said, "I'd want to find lessons." I said LESSONS! That's the word I've been looking for! Five minutes later, handletteringlessons.com was mine.

My current obsession is figuring out how to organize a variety of businesses all under one umbrella. I imagine my new site sort of like the parent company of The Gap. On their site, you can click over to their sister stores like Old Navy and Banana Republic.

From tracieclaiborne.com, I want you to be able to click through to handletteringlessons.com, thescrapgals.com, the posts on this blog (that I've had since 2005) and my social media.

Boy it's scary writing this all down for the world to see! Maybe some public accountability is just what I need to get going.

So stay tuned. I'm a work in progress, my business is a work in progress. Right now, I'm enjoying my summer but this is the year I will make that website happen. It will just happen after my summer fun.

Peace out and thanks for caring enough to stop by here. :)

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lots of love said...

You can do it, Tracie! It sounds like a mammoth of a project, but at some point the time will be just right and it will get done :-) All the best!