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Welcome to Live Inspired - the premiere podcast for a behind-the-scenes look at working in the papercrafting industry. Each Thursday, we peek into the lives of our favorite creative people and discover some new designers and companies we may have missed out on. 

I encourage you to check out my guests' websites and make a page or project inspired by their work! If you do, I invite you to use the hashtag #liveinspiredchallenge on your social media. Thanks for listening!

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Episode 31
Guest: Doris Sander: memory keeper. documenter. artist.
This week, I'm talking to my good friend, Doris Sander, about the ebb and flow of creativity and how her memory keeping has changed through the years. We discuss her creative journey, including her work for many years as Marketing Coordinator for Jenni Bowlin Studio aka JBS Mercantile.

Episode 30
Guest: Inspiration Conversation - Volume One
This week, begins a new series in which Crafty Jen Schow and I will discuss our current sources of inspiration. 

Episode 29
Guest: Designer, Lilith Eeckels
This week, I'm talking to former Two Peas in a Bucket Garden Girl, Lilith Eeckels. Lilith and I discuss why she stepped away from design teams for a while, how her mood affects her scrapbooking style, why Project Life didn't work for her and documenting our journey through life with meaningful memory keeping.

Episode 28
Guest: Mixed Media Artist, Heather Greenwood
This week, I'm talking to my friend, Heather Greenwood, about her contributions to the new book, "101 More Mixed Media Techniques" and her work with Shanna Noel and Illustrated Faith. We also discuss how Heather stays organized using multiple planners, her recent wellness journey and saying "no" unless you can say "heck yes!"

Episode 27
Guest: Taking the Leap with Victoria Marie
This week, my friend, Victoria Marie, and I discuss her leap into working full-time in the creative industry. Victoria gives us the 411 on all her plans for productivity in 2016 and beyond. If you're interested in teaching classes online or growing a following to begin your own creative journey, this is the show for you!

Episode 26
Guest: Brandi Kincaid: Thinker. Maker. Sharer
This week, I am so excited to share with you my heart to heart conversation with Brandi Kincaid about her utterly delightful art and soul inspiring words. If you do not already follow Brandi, before you listen to this episode, I recommend you check her out on Instagram at@brandeye8. Seeing her work and reading the letters she wrote to herself during her "week in the life" recently will give you more perspective on our conversation.

Episode 25
Guest: Inspiration Everywhere with Crafty Jen Schow
This week, I'm talking to Crafty Jen Schow about her recent YouTube series, "Inspiration is Everywhere." We discuss each idea from the series and how we can use her ideas to fuel our creativity for crafting.

Episode 23 and 24
Guest: The Incomparable Kelly Purkey
This week and last, I interviewed someone I have admired for many years....Kelly Purkey. Kelly lives a life many of us only dream about, traveling often and seeing new places and having new adventures. She somehow finds time to design her own line of stamps and products perfect for documenting travel as well as everyday life. It was truly a delight to hear about her travels and her design work. 

Here's Part One  of the Interview:

Here's Part Two of the Interview:

Episode 22
Guest: Let's Get Creative with Suzy West
This week, I'm talking to designer, educator and event coordinator, Suzy West. Suzy, who has traveled the world teaching scrapbooking, is currently hosting events called "Let's Get Creative" at major manufacturers and scrapbook stores across the country. Her story about getting started in the industry is fascinating and fun to hear.

Episode 21
Guest: Adele Toomey aka Inkie Quill
This week, I'm interviewing Adele Toomey aka Inkie Quill. Adele fast tracked to almost 10,000 subscribers on YouTube in one year! She is loved by many in the creative community and I can't wait for you to hear what this Aussie has to say about making videos, her new classes and more!

Episode 20
Guest: The Cut Shoppe's Ashley Horton
This week, I'm talking to designer, Ashley Horton about creating and selling digital cut files. Ashley has created over 300 cut file designs for The Cut Shoppe and she and her creative team do a great job of inspiring others to use them. We discuss how Ashley built her business as well as her work for some of the top design teams in our industry. 

Episode 19
Guest: Designer, Marie-Pierre Capistran
This week, I'm talking to designer, Marie-Pierre Capistran about her creative journey and design work. If there was an award for "Most Charming Scrapbooker," Marie-Pierre would certainly win it. It's easy to see why Marie's talent and personality is so captivating to many people and brands in our industry. I enjoyed this interview immensely and hope you do as well!

Episode 18
Guest: Leigh Odynski aka Artful Leigh Creative
This week, I'm talking to Artful Leigh about her work as a designer in the scrapbook industry. Leigh is so in love with creating that she was a joy to talk to. I discovered her videos on YouTube and immediately fell in love with her clean and graphic style. Her blog is delightful, just as she is. I feel very inspired to create after talking to her and I hope you will too!

Episode 17
Guest: Jen Chapin
This week, I'm talking to designer, Jen Chapin. Jen, currently designing exclusively for Studio Calico, has extensive experience working on design teams in our industry. We discuss deadlines, blogging, social media, inspiration and more and could have easily continued our conversation for several more hours! I absolutely loved hearing about Jen's amazing design skills and how she organizes her ideas - I hope you do too!

Episode 16
Guest: Focus & Productivity with Crafty Jen Schow
This is the first of many upcoming episodes with my friend and creative business partner, Crafty Jen Schow. Jen and I often have conversations about growing a creative business so every few months, we'll share our ideas with you. In this episode, we'll discuss staying focused and being productive.

Episode 15
Guest: Digital Artist for Provo Craft, Noralee Peterson
This week I have a special treat for you! I'm talking to Noralee Peterson with Provo Craft. After years of traveling and teaching at CKU and other conventions, Noralee became an in-house designer for Provo Craft before transitioning to her current job as Digital Artist and designer of Cricut cut files. This is a rare and fun behind the scenes look at one of our industry's top companies!

Episode 14
Guest: Sunny Studio Stamps' Mendi Yoshikawa 
This week, I'm interviewing Mendi Yoshikawa, owner of Sunny Studio Stamps. Mendi, a talented scrapbook & card designer who works with Doodlebug Design and Pebbles (among many others), recently started her own stamp company, Sunny Studio Stamps. I love Mendi's delightful designs and her willingness to share how she saved and started her own business, as well as other business tips that she's learned along the way. 

Episode 13
Guest: Designer, Stephanie Bryan 
This week, I'm interviewing designer, Stephanie Bryan. Stephanie created 12 Project Life style mini-albums in 2015 and they were all glorious! As you will be able to tell in the show, I've been itching to talk to Stephanie for months to ask her all about the albums and her thoughts on taking on such a task. If you're not familiar with Stephanie's work, I encourage to check out her blog before listening to the show at

Episode 12
Guest: Designer, Paige Evans 
This week, I'm interviewing designer, Paige Evans. Paige's name is synonymous with her intricately designed layouts featuring a multitude of colors and patterns. She just released a new collection called "Fancy Free" by Pink Paislee for American Crafts. Designing products is a dream come true for Paige and one that so many creatives share that I couldn't wait to hear the backstory on how this came to be. I hope you enjoy hearing it too!

Episode 11
Guest: Innovator, Noell Hyman: Part Two
This week, I'm finishing up my interview with the very inspiring, Noell Hyman. I had such a blast talking to Noell and hearing all the behind-the-scenes details of her business, Paperclipping. If this interview inspires you, head over to to check out all Noell and her husband, Izzy, have available!

Episode 10
Guest: Innovator, Noell Hyman: Part One 
This week, I'm interviewing Noell Hyman, owner of Paperclipping. Noell has created a library of over 200 high quality, instructional videos for scrapbooking and she is the host of The Paperclipping Roundtable, the premiere audio show for scrapbooking. Noell (along with her husband, Izzy) changed the face of the scrapbook industry with their innovative use of technology. This episode is Part One of a two-part interview. 

Episode 9
Guest: The One and Only, Cathy Zielske
This week, I'm interviewing one of my biggest heroes, Cathy Zielske. A graphic designer by trade, Cathy is the former Creative Director for Simple Scrapbooks magazine and the current Art Director of Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine. Through her mag articles, blog posts and "Clean and Simple" books, Cathy's mission is to "take the crap out of scrapbooking." She's a true inspiration for those of us working in the creative field!! 

Episode 8
Guest: Designer, Kerri Bradford
This week, I'm interviewing Kerri Bradford of Kerri Bradford Studio. Kerri is best known for her incredible digital die cut designs and stellar scrapbook skills. After winning the first Creating Keepsakes' Hall of Fame contest in 1999, Kerri gained recognition in the creative industry and created a thriving business. We discuss how she built her business, how she manages it today and what she has planned for the future. 

Episode 7
Guest: Educator & Coach, Jennifer Wilson
This week, I'm interviewing Jennifer Wilson, founder of Simple Scrapper. Jennifer is an educator and coach for scrapbookers who provides tools and support for purposeful memory keeping. We discuss how she grew Simple Scrapper from a concept to a successful membership site and how she manages to keep on top of her business.

Episode 6
Guest: Amy Tangerine and Jamie Waters
This week, I'm talking to two of my favorite people...Amy Tangerine and Jamie Waters. Amy and Jamie just released a class called "The Creative Life: Documented." I wanted to find out all about their collaboration and ask how they met, the benefits to working with a friend and how they found time to create 50 PROJECTS for the class. Plus, I got the chance to ask Amy a question I've always wanted to know the answer to!

Episode 5
This week, I'm talking to one of the most well-respected people in the creative industry: Jen Gallacher. We discuss how Jen manages working full time in the creative industry (for Echo Park and Carta Bella) while maintaining her own blog and business. 

Episode 4
Guest: Felicity Jane Owner, Jeana Goodwin
This week, I'm talking to Jeana Goodwin, designer and owner of Felicity Jane, a unique papercrafting company and monthly kit club. We discuss the ins and outs of building a business from the ground up from networking to design to packaging and shipping.

Episode 3
Guest: Designer, Jana Eubank
This week, I'm interviewing Jana Eubank about her extensive experience in the scrapbook industry. Jana has worked as a design team member, design team coordinator, blog coordinator, product designer, creative director, production manager and most recently, as the co-owner of a scrapbook company. In this episode, Jana shares with us her recent decision to walk away from the business side of creating to refocus and recenter her life.

Episode 2
Guest: Designer, Lisa Dickinson
This week, I'm interviewing my favorite scrapbooker designer, Lisa Dickinson. Lisa, a Graphic Designer by trade, has an incredible eye for design and her work has been featured by many manufacturers and magazines. We discuss how often she scrapbooks, what helps her stay on track every day, consistency in design and the changing world of blog readership.

Episode 1
Guest: Illustrated Faith Founder, Shanna Noel
This week, I'm interviewing visionary Shanna Noel about the movement she created and her company, Illustrated Faith. We discuss how she grew a business from the ground up and how she stays balanced and motivated.